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Create an Agent Performance Widget in Analytics

You must access the drop-down menu on your Dashboard to create an Agent Performance Widget in 8x8 Contact Center Analytics 1.0. Learn more here.

Adding an Agent Performance Widget to Your Dashboard

  1. Click + to access the drop-down menu.
  2. Select Agent Performance.
    VCC Analytics1.0- Agent Performance-350x147.png

Setting the Parameters for the Widget

  1. Name your widget.
  2. Specify the type of resource for which you want to view data. In this release, you can only select Queues. You will also be able to select Groups in a future release.
  3. Select the Queue for which you want to view agent performance data.
  4. Enable Dynamic Filtering is off by default. This means the widget will only display data for the queue you selected. If you toggle dynamic filtering on, the data in the widget will update when you click on other widgets.
  5. Configure Agents Shown Manually is on by default, meaning you must select specific agents for this widget. If you toggle this off, all agents will be included.
  6. Include Logged Out Agents is off by default. Toggle it on if you want data for agents to be shown even when they are logged out.
  7. Edit the default list of metrics by deleting or adding the metrics you want to track in this widget. Click X to remove a metric. Click Add to add a metric from the list. There are three types of metrics: IntervalReal Time, and Today.
    Note: To see a glossary of metrics definitions, click your username in the upper right corner and select Metrics definitions.
    Metrics Definition-140x148.png
  8. Select the Agents you want to view in the widget.
  9. Click Save.
  10. Grab the bottom right corner of the widget to size it to your liking. If adding multiple widgets to your dashboard, you can position them by dragging and dropping them.
  11. Click Save.

View the video below for a demonstration on creating an Agent Performance widget.

Click here to return to the Virtual Contact Center Analytics 1.0 Overview.