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Report Showing Metrics for the Whole Week


I am using the Virtual Contact Center Business Intelligence reports, and I want a report that shows metrics for a whole week.  I do not want to see the data for each day.

Applies To

Virtual Contact Center Agent console Business Intelligence reports.


To have the report only show the numbers for the whole week, we want to use the 'Relative Date' and the Advanced date range.

  1. Select the desired Category, Measures, and other Dimensions.
  2. Use the Relative Date dimension in the columns.
  3. Double click the Relative Date > Date, 'Select Date Range' dialog opens displaying the calendar.  
  4. Click 'Advanced'.
  5. Select:  
    1. Starting: 'Weeks ago' and type in 1  (To retrieve more weeks, type in the desired number of weeks).
    2. Ending: 'Weeks ago' and type in 1  clipboard_e8ee5a8b903c38b220096645a41d5d204.png
  6. Click OK.
  7. Run the report.
  8. The column header will show the year and the week number of the year.


Additional Information

For the basic information for using VCC Agent Business Intelligence reports see 'Customize Reports'


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