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Searching Calls in Quality Management 5.0
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Searching Calls in Quality Management 5.0



The following article explains how to easily use the Search Calls Page to find calls listed for a specific date or simply retrieve all the calls.

Applies To

Quality Management 5.0


  1. In Quality Management, from the left-hand side panel select the Search Calls Page.
  2. Click + to add a new tab. Note: You can easily Use the Sample_Calls tab to perform the search, just make sure to remove the Label: is Samples from the Search section, and of course select the required date from the Date-Picker.
  3. Click the Date-picker drop-down to select a required date.
  4. Click OKNote: Select the option Clear > then Search if you wish to find all calls listed.
  5. Click Search to run the Search command.


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