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Quality Management Settings Users
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Quality Management Settings Users


  1. How can I find Users in the application?

Location in the application

Login > Settings > Users

  1. What can the Users section do for me?

Users List

The Users section of the application has the main function of managing all users in the application and their information. In this section you can create a user account and all the specific user information. You can also lock a user’s account, or delete it if the user is no longer a member of your team.


As an administrator, or a user with administrative permissions, you will have the ability to manage users in the application. The dedicated section for user management has a lot of options you can choose from.

Filter Users

The first four elements you can see on the left next to the navigation bar are the Filter Users field, the existing users list, the column you want to filter agents by, and the Show Inactive Users checkbox. The filter field finds a list of results containing the item you entered. Under the Filter field, QM displays the number of results and the number of pages. You can quickly jump from one page to the other using the forward and back arrows.

Show Inactive Users

Check the Show Inactive Users checkbox and all the inactive users will be displayed on the existing users list.

Beside filtering, you can also rearrange the columns displayed. The first column is Name and it displays the agent's full name. The second column is usually Agent ID, but you can choose another column to show. You have the following options available: Agent ID, Main Group, Supervisor, and Trainer. The arrange option shows the results in the order you want to see them: alphabetically from a > z, or the other way around, depending on the direction the arrow is pointing, up for a > z; down for z > a.

By default, the application will display information regarding the first user from the list.


To save all of your changes, click Save in the upper right hand corner of the page. A confirmation message appears at the bottom of the screen highlighted in green.

Create User

To add a new user to the list, click New in the upper right hand side of the page found between Export and Copy. The main page that displayed details about the first user from the list will refresh. Below, you can find an example about how to add information in the application for a new user. Note that Agent ID/User ID, First Name, Last Name, Password, Confirm Password, Email, and Main Group are mandatory fields. All the rest are optional. For better management of your agents, it is best to fill in as many details as possible for each user.

User Detail

Click the Agent ID/User ID field; it will become editable. Type “Test User.” Please note that the User ID must be unique. The application will not allow you to create a user with an ID that has already been assigned to another user.

Click the First Name field; it becomes editable. Type “Test.” Click the Last Name field; it becomes editable. Type “User.” Unlike User ID, first name and last name don’t have to be unique. You can have multiple users with the same first name or last name.

Click the Password field. The field will become editable and displays six asterisks (******). Type “1425367.” The field displays seven dots (……).Click the Confirm Password field. The field becomes editable and it displays six asterisks (******). Type “1425367.” The field displays seven dots (……). Just like first name and last name, the password does not have to be unique. You can have multiple users with the same password and it can contain any ASCII characters.

Click the Email field; it will become editable. Type Email addresses must be unique. The application won’t allow you to have two or more users with the same email address.

More User Detail

Click the Phone field; it will become editable. Type 8005551212.

Verify the Hire Date field. It is completed by default with the current date in MM-DD-YYYY format. Click the date if you want to change it. A calendar will appear below the Hire Date field. Pick any past or future date from there.

Click the Trainer drop-down. You will see the list of all of the trainers. Pick any of the names. The name you have picked appears in the Trainer field.

Click the Supervisor drop-down. You will see the list of all of the supervisors. Pick any of the names. The name you have picked appears in the Supervisor field.

Click the Dashboard drop-down. You will see the list of all of the available dashboards. Pick any of the names. The name you have picked appears In the Dashboard field.

Click the expandable Groups menu. You will see all groups that have been created in the application, each one with a checkbox. Check the boxes of the groups you want this user to be a part of. As you select or deselect them, the names of the groups appear on or disappear from the Groups header line.

User Groups

Select the Main Group drop-down right below the Phone field. The available groups include the ones that you have selected from the expandable menu as described in the paragraph above. Choose one of the groups to be the main group for this user.

It is not mandatory for a user to be part of many groups.

You cannot add a new user in the application without assigning him to a group. If you try to do so, the application will display, “Please assign the user to a group,” highlighted in red at the bottom of the page.  

Other fields that can be filled in when adding a new user are:

  • Account Is Locked? – Drop-down: Yes, No
  • Complex Password? – Drop-down: Yes, No
  • Change Password? – Drop-down: Yes, No
  • Active User? – Drop-down: Yes, No
  • Extension – Text box (enter manually the extension)
  • Default Playback Speed - Drop-down: 0.5x, 1x, 1.5x, 2x
  • Login Tab – Drop-down: Dashboard, Live Monitoring, Search Calls, Search Evaluations, Settings
  • Termination date Text box (enter manually the date in MM-DD-YYYY format or choose a date from the calendar shown below the box)

After adding all the necessary information for the new user, click Save, which is the last button in the upper right part of the screen. You will see the “User successfully saved!” message highlighted in green at the bottom of the page.

You also have the option to Delete or Copy a user.


The Copy function is very useful when you want to create a new user with a very similar specification to an existing user. Click Copy in the upper right hand side of the screen. The application will duplicate the user information. You will obtain a new user called Copy of Old Username, You need to insert the new user’s first name, last name, e-mail, setup a password, and you’re done. All the group related information, supervisor trainer etc. remain the same as they were for the user you decided to copy.


Users can also be deleted. To erase a user and the user’s information, you first have to search the user and select it from the users list. Once you have the user selected, click Delete. A pop-up window will appear, containing the following information:

“By not checking the option below, you will maintain the ability to search for past user and QA records.

Delete Calls

Delete QA Records

Warning: Checking both "Delete Calls" and "Delete QA Records" will delete the user and their data forever” and two buttons: Delete and Cancel. Check the two boxes. The application will display two drop-down menus for you to choose “Reassign Trained Users To,” in case the user was a trainer for other users, and “Reassign Supervised Users To,” in case the user was a supervisor for other users. In the two drop-down menus you will see lists with all the trainers and all the supervisors. Select Delete. The application will display the following confirmation message, “User deleted successfully!” highlighted in green.

The next two buttons on the page are Import and Export.


You can directly import a user from an Excel document but the format needs to adhere to the application requirements. You must have a table containing information in the following format:








Import Agent





Agent’s login

Once you have the information ready, click Import and choose the document from its location. The application will display the following confirmation message, “Import Completed” highlighted in green.


You can also choose to Export the list of users. Click Export. The users list will be downloaded to your local workstation as an Excel Table.

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