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Quality Management Screen Client Logs
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Quality Management Screen Client Logs

Logs are now available for each active Screen Client. The logs will be displayed in the logs panel for the Screen Client the user selects. Learn more here.

Screen Client Logs

Logs are now available for each active Screen Client. The user can simply select the Screen Client they are interested in and the logs will be displayed in the logs panel. The filter can be used to find key words, and the user has the option to choose the exact time frame they are interested in. Choose a start date and start hour from the calendar on the left and an end date and end hour from the calendar on the right. Click OK. The Services Log Messages pane will display only the logs that fit within the selected date and time range. The log messages are displayed in the format: “(MM-DD-YYYY HH:MM:SS) [log information].”

The Export button, located in the top right hand corner of the page near Refresh, will download a document containing all log messages that are currently present in the open Service Log Messages pane.

The Refresh button, located in the top right hand corner of the screen, updates the log messages list with the latest information related to the selected service.

Show Offline Clients

Check the Show Offline Clients box and all the offline clients will be displayed on the existing clients list.

Select Column

The Select Column drop-down is located in the upper left side of the window, below the Filter Screen Recorders. Click on it and it displays a list with the available options by which you can organize the clients list. The available options are: Agent ID, Machine Name, IP Address, Version. Click one of them and the table results are recalculated and displayed according to the selected option.

Screen Client Profiles

You can manage all Screen Recorder Profiles and their settings in the application. The Screen Recorder Profiles are displayed in the Profiles list, and you can select one to edit it. Click New to create a new Screen Recorder Profile. Each Profile has a unique name and the settings are configured by groups.

Each new Screen Recorder Profile has to have a unique name. Using the first two fields, the user can configure the Video Resolution width and height. They can also choose to show or hide the toolbar for the agents in the corresponding group, and decide if agents have the start/stop recording control active, using the Manual Control combo box. The Recording Percentage field helps users set up the percentage of recordings that should have screen captures. The size and time limits are also customizable. Let's say that management is not interested in calls longer than 50 minutes; the screen capture will stop when the limit is exceeded. The Retention period for the Screen Client Logs can be set using the Log Retention field and it is measured in days. The bandwidth can be limited as well by inserting the Max Bandwidth in the corresponding field. Agents have the possibility to add comments while the interaction is taking place. The option can be enabled and disabled from the Allow Comment combo-box and the two options are yes or no. The upload interval start and stop functions are very useful for large contact centers with a lot of agents because the files upload can start after the agents finish their shifts and the system won't get overloaded. Using the Extended video recording menu the agents screen can be recorded after the actual interaction is ended. The after-interaction work will be recorded for the number of seconds you fill in the field and the range must not exceed 300 seconds.

The Copy function gives the user the possibility to create a new profile with similar settings and apply it to the desired groups. Profiles can also be quickly deleted by selecting them from the list and selecting Delete.


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