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Can a campaign be renamed in ContactNow?


Can a campaign be renamed on contact now? 

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Contact Now, Campaigns


In short no, this is not possible as campaigns are embedded deep within the Contact Center and are the heart of the system where queues, dataset field names, datasets and outcomes stem from. Although this is possible there is a lot of work involved from the backend team to rename all instances of the campaign across multiple database table entries and is prone to error. More on this if these campaigns have been previously used they are impossible to change the reporting for the same and the reports will always reflect the old campaign name.  As these Campaigns create tables with the same name on the customer database which is external to the system's database if there is data in the table then this change is no longer possible. 

In most instances, it is advised to create a new campaign with the desired name and all the queues, outcomes, field names and outcomes to be associated with that campaign.

Additional Information 

Support is unable to carry out these options as due to the complex nature of doing so and as this has never before been done there is the possibility of unforeseen issues should anyone try to, also we may not be able to properly assist with any faults if this was carried out.


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