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ContactNow: Data Discrepancies on Records Report


Why am I seeing data discrepancies using the report generated via Data Export?

Applies To

  • Datasets
  • Records
  • Report
  • Database Management


By default, we replace records for which the call resulted in Dead Line or Answer Machine outcomes with 100 - Uncontacted. This is because the system would otherwise be overloaded by executing thousands of database query commands per minute, affecting the performance experience and could generate issues, such as; slow response in dispositioning a call, generating reports, browsing pages on our platform, searching for data, creating agents, queues, etc.

Additional Information

Follow the example for a better understanding of the situation. 

  1.  Using Data > Export we look for a record with 100 - Uncontacted as an outcome.
  2. Database Management confirms the record indeed as being marked with the disposition code, 100:
  3. On Calls report the outcome code in fact is 66, with description Dead Line: NORMAL_CIRCUIT_CONGESTION.
Important-Icon.png We advise making use of the Analytics section in order to obtain accurate statistics.


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