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ContactNow: Database Fields Glossary


What do the different system default Database Management fields mean?

Applies To

  • ContactNow
  • Database Fields
  • Exported Dataset files



Field name  Description 
ID  This is the number (Integer) allocated to identify each individual record
EDIT  Selecting edit via the database management allows you to manually edit customer records
Calls  Selecting Calls via the database management redirects you to the calls report where you will be able to see all calls on the record.
URN  The URN (Unique Reference Number) is associated to each record when integrated with APIs or FLG.
Sourcefile  This is the name of the source file which was imported to create the record
Datasetid Number ID used for the record's dataset

The number used to identify the last disposition of the record

See System Outcome Codes for ContactNow.

callback  The time after which the record is due to redialed again

Current State of the record:

  • HOLD - Indicates dataset with the record is on Hold
  • EXPIRED - Indicates if the dataset has been removed from the dialer
  • COMPLETE - Record will no longer be dialed
  • NEEDSMOREWORK - Record has already been  dialed but is not complete and will be redialed
  • NEW PROSPECT - A fresh record which has not been dialed

System generated history of agent interactions with the record 

Entries per interactions include:

  • Interaction time and date
  • Agent Id 
  • Outcome/ Action
ProcessDate  The time and date for the last agent interaction  on the record
AgentRef The Agent ID of the last agent who handled the call
Call_Back_Notes  The last manual agent  note on the record
Agentspecific  0 or 1 value Whether or not calls for this record  are assigned to a specific  record is a specific agent
Callbacksametime  0 or 1 value Whether the record is set to be redialled at the same time every day