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ContactNow: What are the recomended router settings for softphone and PBX?


What are the recommended router settings for using a softphone and/or PBX with my ContactNow account?

This document will outline the best setup to apply to the network when making use of both softphones and PBX to limit connection related issue between the end-user and our sip servers. 

Applies To

  • ContactNow
  • SoftPhone
  • PBX phone
  • Local network


It is advised the following settings made to the Local network when using softphones or PBX phones to connect to 8x8 Sip Servers.

  • Allow traffic from/to our IP range:
  • Disable SIP ALG
  • Allow traffic through ports 5060-5061
  • Priorities RTP packets to IP:
  • QOS must be enabled
  • It is advised to avoid shared office networks as these are known to cause intermittent connection issues when sharing the bandwidth.

Additional Information

Still require assistance? Contact 8x8 Support. The support team would need you to confirm the following information to help us understand where the problem is, so please gather this in advance:

  • Which firewall/router/switches are used in the network, make and model?
  • What type of circuit is used for WAN connectivity like MPLS, VPN, xDSL etc.?
  • Is SIP ALG disabled
  • Is RTP traffic prioritized
  • Is QOS enabled


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