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ContactNow: Record Dialing Order


In what order do my records dial in?

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Dialing Order



This flow chart explains how and in which order the records from datasets are picked to be dialed. The first denomination is the exact number of the field on the database, for a less technical explanation please read the text below the flow chart under the Additional Information Section. The second denomination between parentheses corresponds to the sort order:

Dial Order Flow Chart

Additional Information

ContactNow Outbound dialing feature selects a call to the dialer by sorting the dataset records always in the following order:

1. If any record is marked as callback same time then it sorts cb_sametime in descending order.

Call back same time records are only dialed if the callback time is within 1 hour. The record will not be dialed until callback time is reached and it will not be dialed if 1 hour has passed from callback time.

2. The record priority by descending order, from the highest priority to the lowest.

3. If sequential mode is on, then after the first two conditions above, it’s going to sort out by status in descending order. On Sequential dialing after choosing one of the outcomes as No Answer, Answer Machine, Wrong Number or Dead Line, and immediately after the disposition, the other phone number of the same record is called in this order:

  1. HomePhone
  2. MobilePhone
  3. WorkPhone

4. If there isn’t any callback set on the dataset then it will sort by UID in descending order, meaning the latest records to be uploaded will be the first to be dialed. Again, this only happens after cb_sametime and priority fields are sorted out first.

If there is any record with a callback set on the whole dataset, even if there is only one and the rest of the records without a callback defined, then it sorts by callback from the earliest time to the latest and UID in ascending order. This means that if the dataset has a mix of callbacks and fresh data then the dialer will dial first the fresh data and only when it's finished it is going to dial the callbacks. Callbacks only have priority over fresh data when they are assigned specifically to an agent.


Note: It is possible that the first records on the dataset get picked first (UID in ascending order). This happens when a callback record exists but the scheduled hour for the contact is not for now (it’s in the future), then the dialer will pick up a fresh non-callback record that is getting sorted out by UID in ascending order. This may cause some confusion and also because we store the queries in cache some agents may not get the data sorted in the same way.


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