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ContactNow: What are the different call types?


There are six different Call Types. See below for a description on each.

Inbound Call

These are incoming calls. Your customers, potential leads, records will be calling in and so in the reports calls will be reflected as Inbound.

Outbound Call 

These are outgoing calls. Your agents will be performing outbound calls if the queue they are on is either Predictive, Progressive or Preview. 

Manual Call

These are also outgoing calls but as the name suggests, these are calls where the agent has manually entered a number for the purpose of making a call. 

Third-Party Transfer (TPT)

These calls occur when an agent initiates a call to another agent, queue or person. The agent essentially has now engaged in another call whilst the initial call is still active. At that point, the agent has the ability to create a conference call and merge both calls together or connect the person to the third party.  

Broadcast calls 

This is a mass communication technique. It allows you to send a single call/message to multiple people.  

SMS Broadcast 

Similar to Broadcast calls but this allows you to distribute SMS en masse.


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