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What is the outcome Dead Line: BLOCKED_BY_DNC_LIST_FILTER?


What is the outcome "Dead Line: BLOCKED_BY_DNC_LIST_FILTER"?

Applies To

  • ContactNow
  • Outbound calls
  • AOD
  • Carrier
  • DNC
  • Mobile


Outcome code 16 is the result of a call that is an outbound call and passed through the correct path through the gateways and was blocked by our carriers that carry the call as a result of the number being in the TDPA (DNC list for Spam Callers) and is dropped. The calls are dropped as a result of the number being dialled is in the DNC List and prevents the application from reaching it and protects the callee from being dialled by a spam call.  There is no fault on the platform as such due to the restrictions on the carrier these numbers being dialed are blocked by Law.


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