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DNC Lists Are Inaccessible While Deleting Dataset Lists in ContactNow


When deleting dataset lists I can not access all the DNC lists? I have what seems to be more lists then what is shown for delete!

Applies To

  • DNC List
  • Delete DNC numbers
  • GDPR


When working with DNC it is important to note that there are two types of DNC containers as follows:

  • DNC Lists
  • DNC Campaigns

Now the feature to delete DNC Lists will only allow for the deletion of Lists and does not include numbers under campaigns reason being that the campaign will hold DNC numbers specific for those campaigns and are not a list. to achieve this you are required to load up the DNC numbers under that campaign and select all the numbers on that DNC campaign and click the trash button. 

Additional Information

Please, note this will only allow for deletion per page bases and it is required to load the next page to complete the deletion.


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