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ContactNow: Why are inbound calls not being answered?


Why are available agents not taking queuing inbound calls?

Applies To

  • ContactNow
  • Inbound calls


ContactNow system, by design, has prioritised outbound dialling over inbound to limit the outbound abandons to meet OFCOM compliance.

Mixing agents on outbound queues with inbound will have this effect where it seems that inbound calls that are queuing in not being passed to available agents. This is due to the Predictive dialler is automatically dialling in the background and placing the answered calls to the available agent that initiated it.

Stopping the dialling process to pass the inbound call to that agent would result in an outbound abandon. High outbound abandons would result in outbound dialling to slow down to reduce the abandons ratio.

Splitting agents up to inbound queues and outbound queues would maximize dialler performance and inbound answer rates.  Making use of advanced preview would present the call to the agent with the option to answer or reject before the dialling starts allowing the agent to take the queuing inbound call.


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