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ContactNow: How To Validate my Minutes Usage (UK)


When a Bill is sent out for overages on the Minutes used there is a simple way to verify the minutes used on the contact centre as the document will lay out the steps to take to ensure the figures make sense.

Applies To

  • United Kingdom
  • ContactNow
  • Billing
  • Performance
  • Minutes
  • Overages


  1. From Config > System Setup enable the Time zones one reports toggle:


  2. Navigate to the following URL, by typing the following URL in the Browser:


    It is important to note the Above URL’s will only work when there is a logged in session

  3. Click on the Performance report Button:


  4. In the report set the Time Zone to System Time/Europe as follows:

  5. Select the month range as shown in the example for July bellow:


  6. Note the Date Time has to be set to on the 00:00:00 or select the window you want to search for.

  7. Sort the data by Clicking on the Date heading in the report:


  8. The Total Minutes will show the entire sum of the Month

Additional Information

Note that the Report does Rounding on minutes and can result in the figures being out by a few minutes.


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