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Customer Case Requirements Checklist


In order to make sure that all support cases, which has been raised for the Virtual Contact Center (VCC) and ContactNow product, has the required information for the support engineer to deal with your query in a prompt and timely manner, the following template will need to be completed by the person who has raised the case. 

Applies To

ContactNow and Virtual Contact Center UK support cases only (not applicable to ETS customers)

Which Provider Group and Affected Product should be selected?

1. For all UK ContactNow & Virtual Contact Center queries - please select the below provider group:


  1. Select the affected product and platform type as per the below image: 


  • How To – Cases refer to the need to know how to do something specific and if a Knowledge Base article can guide the customer on easy to use step by step instructions on achieving the required task. These cases are auto routed to first line Support.

  • Issue Fault – Cases refer to a fault within the system or a problem that has occurred, which is preventing a task to be completed, for example, Agents are no longer receiving inbound calls etc. These cases get auto routed through to the contact Centre specialist Support team.

Case Description

The case description needs to be as detailed as possible, in regards to the reported issue.

What information do I need to supply on the case?

If your query is in relation to "Calls Are Dropping On The ContactNow Product", then providing the below information will be helpful for the support engineer during their investigations:

  • How many Agents are affected?
  • Is the issue occurring on every single call?
  • What is the Agents Endpoint Type? Zoiper/X-lite, Virtual Office, Bria or local VOIP provider?
  • Call Examples 
  • Are the Agents Home or Office Based?

However if you have noticed, for example "A scheduled Report Was Not Sent On The Virtual Contact Center (VCC) product", then providing the following information will be useful:

  • The name of the scheduled report?
  • The Last Run and Next Run Date?
  • Which supervisor is this affecting?
  • And what happens when you manually run the report?

Additional Information

Please ensure that the correct provider group and affected product type are selected when raising a support case.


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