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How to Set Up FLG360 Advanced Outcomes in ContactNow


How to push call data following disposition of the active calls to FLG via the Advanced Outcomes.

Applies To

  • ContactNow
  • FLG360
  • Advanced Outcomes
  • SOAP


After setting an outcome on a record, you can create custom behaviour on that outcome. This can create a new FLG360 lead, with information from your Easycontactnow database.

1. First, you add a custom outcome. Then set up an advanced outcome. You need to use the SOAP options as shown below:

2. Command – PostSOAP

3. URL -
    WSDL Method – SOAP
    CRM username – Not used, but cannot be blank
    CRM password – Not used, but cannot be blank
    Module – data
    CRM Provider: FLG360


4. To find the data from your FLG360 account to fill the CRM Provider section, you need to reference FLG360. They have an option to capture leads from a website with the API method. This gives you an API URL, an API key and can help you find the Lead Group ID.


5. Inside the FLG360 platform you need to click “Tools”, then “Capture Leads”, “From a Website” then “Capture Method: API”. After this, it gives you an XML example, which contains the “key” value you need and also the Lead Group ID you selected. If you need any help getting access to this or setting up an Access Key, further help is offered by FLG support.



6. This example post also shows all the FLG360 field names that you can map our database fields to. You can map your fields to FLG’s fields by selecting a campaign, then adding the names of FLG's fields next to the fields on your side. The FLG360 fields that you can map too should be shown in FLG360’s example XML as said earlier (E.G. I would advise mapping “HomePhone” to “phone1“). This also shows the “module” data, which is the expected wrapper for the FLG360 XML data. See example below matching some fields:



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