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How to Convert Data to the Supported Format in ContactNow


There are a number of reasons as to why an error can occur when attempting to upload and import data to the contact now datasets and one of the most common is due to data formatting. This Knowledgebase article explains the correct method of preparing the data for upload and import.

Applies To

ContactNow, Datasets, Import, Records, Leads, CSV


There are a number of CSV formats available namely CSV (MS-Dos), CSV (Macintosh), CSV (comma delimited). Contact now will only support the comma delimited CSV. it is important to note that the data fields have to be separated by a comma, and if a record field has a comma in it then it is required to format the data to either remove the comma or encapsulate it with ' " ' Quotation marks an example of this is person 1, person 2 and person 3 should be "person 1, person 2 and person 3". The following procedure outlines the steps to take to have the data formatted in the correct format:

1. Open the data in excel

2. Click the "File" tab and the following options are provided: 

3. Select the "Save As" option as seen below:

4. Select the location and the "Save As" dialogue box will pop up as seen bellow:

5. Create a file name and select the "Save As Type" as Comma Delimited as seen below:

6. Click Save and follow the steps in the import process to complete the upload of the File: Upload a File


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