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ContactNow: How to Convert .wav Files to .mp3


To convert an audio file from .wav to .mp3.

Applies To

  • ContactNow
  • Audio Files


While there is no in-built feature in ContactNow for converting files, it can be done on the system level by changing the file extension.


Please Note: before making any manual changes to your files, please consider consulting an on site IT person to assist.

Windows 7

  1. In Windows Explorer, select Tools or Organize (depending on your version of Windows).
  2. Click Folder Options.
  3. Click the View tab.
  4. Uncheck Hide extensions for known file types.
  5. Click OK.
  6. Edit file name.
  7. Change .wav to mp3.

Windows 8 & 10

  1. In Windows Explorer, click View (top of the window).
  2. Check File name extensions.
  3. Edit file name.
  4. Change .wav to mp3.


  1. Select Finder.
  2. Click Finder > Preferences.
  3. Click Advanced.
  4. Toggle Show all filename extensions to on.
  5. Edit the file name.
  6. Change .wav to mp3.
  7. Confirm the change by clicking Use .mp3.
    Screen Shot 2019-12-05 at 1.21.17 PM.png


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