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ContactNow: How to Minimize the Outbound Abandon Rate on Predictive and Progressive calls


To minimize Outbound Abandon Rate on outbound calling queues that are using Predictive or Progressive dialing modes.



Using Emergency mode will cause a spike in abandon rates.

Reaching a threshold of 3% abandon rate will slow the dialer down and eventually stop until all agents are logged out and the day has completed.

Applies To

  • ContactNow
  • Abandon Calls
  • Predictive and Progressive dialing
  • Agent Behavior
  • System Configuration


These dialing modes (predictive and progressive) dial ahead of agents and only connect them once the call is answered, and so it is advised that the agents are made aware that the action to change state from Available to Idle might result in an abandoned call.

Limiting the number of agent state changes from Available to Idle will limit the abandon rates. These following tips will help improve the abandon by preventing them from occurring through agent behavior and system setup.

Avoid using Force Agent Available Feature

When using the feature to force agent into available you are limiting them the ability to going into idle without resulting in an abandoned call, when using this feature with these modes it is important to note that the every second an agent is available the dialer is dialing a record and once the record is answered it is then that the call is connected to the agent, if this agent has suddenly gone into idle state the call is abandoned. It would be better to make the agent aware that they are in idle and their state has to be set to available in order to receive calls. 

Use a Single Dialing Mode Across All Queues

Avoid Mixing these modes and it is recommended that when an agent is split across multiple queues stick to one dialing mode, as these different modes will conflict with each other resulting in a higher abandon rate.

Agent Queue Assignment

It is recommended to not run maintenance on queues when agents are logged in and on live queues as making these changes will not have an effect until agents are logged out and back in allowing for the cache to be cleared. 

Mixing Inbound Outbound Queue Assignment

Outbound queues take priority over Inbound and mixing these require a review of the inbound queues to ensure you want the agent forced into available after a disposition through the Idle Timer Feature.


Additional Information

Abandon rates are an important aspect to consider when using the dialer as these will affect the dialing speed and number of calls the dialer will dial at any given time in an attempt to maintain a high call penetration rate. This article will provide some insightful tips on how to reduce these rates with some few simple steps and is directly impacted by both Agent behavior and Contact Centre configuration.

Abandon Calls are calls that are dialed out automatically and passed to agents as and when they get answered by the client. Automatic dialing has the benefit of maintaining calls penetration and limiting agent calls that are not answered. Further to add to the benefits of using these dialing modes the Answer machine detection mechanism will keep agent productivity up by not passing these calls over to them. to find out more about these dialing modes you can have a look at the following Knowledge Base Articles


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