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ContactNow: How to Transfer Calls


Transfer or merge currently connected calls to a third party using the ContactNow phone/dialer. This is known as Third Party Transfer (TPT).

Note-Icon.png To make the Third Party Transfer (TPT) option available to the agent, the service administrator must set the TPT Dial option in Configuration > System Setup > Global Agent Options to Yes.

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  1. While on a current call within ContactNow, click the Transfer button. 


  1. A new dialer window will appear. Enter a new phone number to transfer to, or make a selection from your contacts.
  2. Click Dial to begin a warm transfer or conference. The person you are transferring will be placed on Hold until the transfer is completed.

Note: If the following transfer options are enabled (green) when you click Dial:

  • Forward CLI will display the phone number of the person you are currently speaking with to the person you are transferring your call to.
  • Cold Transfer will immediately disconnect you from the call and connect your transferee to the new number/contact.


  1. Once your call is connected to the third party, you can speak with them, and new call control options will appear:
  • Transfer will disconnect you from the original call, leaving it connected to the third party destination.
  • Hangup Transfer will cancel the third party transfer and reconnect your original call.
  • Hold will place the third party on hold.
    • At this point you can place either or both calls on hold at any point, but at least one call must always be on hold until you complete the transfer or create a conference.
  • Create Conference will merge all parties into a conference call, and you will all be able to hear and talk to each other.



When you select Create Conference, your call control options will change to:

  • Leave Conf: This will disconnect you from the conference and leave the other two parties connected
  • Terminate Conf: This will fully disconnect all parties from the call.



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