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How to use Shared API Token on Distributed Systems in ContactNow


As distributed systems are becoming more and more accessible and widely used nowadays ContactNow has developed a mechanism to manage these distributed systems by making token sharing a possibility.  The method described in this document is to assist with generating a token to function with a white list of IP's and is limited to 10 IP's at any given time.

Applies To

ContactNow, API, Token


Request a token using the IP white list

  1. Identify the list of IP that will use this API token
  2. Use the Argument address= with a comma-separated list of IP's to use this token****&password=****&format=json&address=,,

Additional Information

It is important to note that the Token is still subjected to an expiration date time of 12 hours and the token will have to be validated and re-distributed across all machines making use of it.


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