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ContactNow: Identifying Missing Account Balance


To identify where a sudden drop in account balance may have originated from. Possible causes are, but not limited to, high-cost outbound calls, a large amount of number purchases, etc.

Applies To

  • ContactNow
  • Balance


Check the Calls Report

  1. Navigate to the Calls report, Analytics > Calls Report.
  2. Filter by setting the start date to last top-up date and the end date to the current date time.
  3. Select the Cost threshold with a condition >= and the value in pounds (£) set to 1.
    • Note: This will list all calls that cost more than £1.
  4. Continue the above steps until the high costing calls are found this will bring to your attention the call that resulted in the high charge.

The below demonstrates the result of the higher call charge from the above steps:


Check Billing Section

Here, you can identify the higher cost but this will require that the date is known and the following steps can be followed to achieve the same:

  1. Navigate to Billing, Configuration > Billing > Itemized Billing.
  2. Select the month and the day.
  3. The results load on the change of the selected day.
    • Note: This method will show the results and the costing for the day.

The below shows the results of the itemized billing from the above steps:


Additional Information

It is important to note that Desk phone logins result in incurring a charge, and agents can forget to log out resulting in the desk phone connection being connected for many hours. These connections can result in high costs and it is important to hang up the line or disconnect the agent when not in use to limit the login charge.


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