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How do Dataset Priorities work?


This article explains how priorities are set on datasets set to LIVE status, and how to force specific datasets to be dialed before others.

Applies To

ContactNow Datasets

How Dataset Priorities Work

When fresh data is imported into ContactNow as a new dataset, you must edit the dataset and select a Priority from 0 to 90.

As soon as the dataset Status is set to LIVE, the service can dial those records according to the configured Priority level. The service will normally dial from the dataset with the highest Priority, first.

Note that If during the dialing process an Agent has scheduled a call back, that call back will take precedence over the configured dataset priority. This is because all scheduled call backs have an automatic default priority set to 100, which is not a selectable option.


How do I get a specific Dataset to be dialed first?

If you have a dataset priority set to 50 (for example) and the service is already dialing from that dataset, newly configured datasets will automatically be placed at a lower background priority, even if the Priority of that dataset is higher.

This is because dataset call records are cached on the service before dialing, as soon as their Status is set to LIVE, The service dials from that cache in the oldest order of LIVE priority.

To dial immediately from a newly configured, higher priority dataset:

  1. You must first place ALL currently LIVE datasets on HOLD status.
  2. Then set your desired dataset to LIVE status.
  3. Then set any other datasets back to LIVE status.

This will clear the existing cache and once again force dialing of datasets configured with the highest priority.


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