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How to Delete Uploaded CSV and Audio Files in ContactNow


This article outlines the steps required to delete uploaded files to the system and includes audio and csv files.

Applies To

  • ContactNow
  • Imports
  • Datasets
  • Files


Navigate to the Imports section of the application by clicking on the icons of the stacked disks in the left menu bar and select the import option.

1. Identify the file to be deleted in my example below I have decided to delete the file "Callback test.csv"

2. Click on the cogwheel on the record and select the delete action (Note that this is a soft delete and further actions required to completely remove the file)

3. Confirm the delete action on the pop-up

4. To completely delete the file off system it is required to empty the trash and can be done by clicking on the trash option in the sub-menu.

5. Once in the trash section, there is no actual option to delete individual files however you can completely delete all files in the trash by emptying the bin

6. Confirm the empty bin action pop up

7. Confirmation of completion can be seen in the green bar up top of the file listing


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