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How to Monitor Live Calls in ContactNow

To monitor live calls, log into the ContactNow web browser interface and then connect to the dialer. Learn more steps here.


Listen to an agent on a live call.

Applies To

ContactNow Administrators and Supervisors


Before you begin, make sure that these requirements are met:

  • Supervisors must have call monitoring enabled for them by an administrator. For configuration instructions, click here.
  • Administrators and supervisors must be assigned to a call queue to log into the dialer. It can be the same call queue that the agent is logged into, but this isn't required.


To begin monitoring agent calls:

  1. Log in to the ContactNow web browser interface.
  2. Connect to the dialer. This is required for call monitoring.

To monitor agent calls, use only the Desk Phone login at 16692454250.

You cannot listen to calls when logged in to Agent On Demand at 16692454253. By design, AOD ends your ContactNow dialer login call, so there would be no way for audio to be passed to your phone.

  1. Click on the Status icon  CN_Status_Icon.jpg  to open the Status page.
  2. Click on the name of the agent you will monitor. The agent must be on an live call, normally with status: Call.


  1. Click on the Actions menu, then click Monitor Agent to begin listening to the agent's call.


  1. To stop monitoring the agent's call, click Stop Listening.



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