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How to Test Advanced Outcome Dispositions in ContactNow


The feature of the advanced outcome disposition can at times seem to not be working and 99% of the time this is due to the third party as we always call the URL(webhook) and pass the data.  It is important to check and test that the configuration on the Advanced outcome is set up correctly and this document outlines the steps to test the same.

Applies To

  • ContachctNow 
  • Advanced Outcome
  • Soap/Post
  • Advanced Behaviour


To set up a test environment you will require an account with a free API testing website and below are a few that are available to you:

For the purpose of demonstration, I will use Pipe dreams as it is recognized with most third parties

1. Navigate to 

2. Click the Sign-in button: 

3. Create a new workflow from the landing page: 

4. now a webhook is created, copy the URL of the webhook:


With the Copied Webhook go to your ContactNow portal and select the Advanced Behaviour this can be done by navigating to Config > Outcome and Tags > Advanced and edit your advanced outcome:

5. Add the URL/Webhook to the settings on the Advanced Behavior

6. Now login as an agent to the dialer and make a call to an existing record (preferably a test record) and disposition the call with the advanced outcome.

7. Login to your pipe dream account and load your webhook, you should receive a response as seen below:


Additional Information

We always call the URL and send the data, however, it is important to note that in order to not disrupt the workflow of calls we don't require a response and as such these are not stored as we always blindly send the data to the set URL. if the data is seen on pipe dreams Webhook indicates that the advanced outcome is working and the issue is on the Third-party application that should be processing the data received. 


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