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ContactNow: Working with Issues in ContactNow for Jira Service Desk
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ContactNow: Working with Issues in ContactNow for Jira Service Desk

Search for Issues

When you’re given a call to work, the phone will display the search screen with the CLI of the call as the search term. You can change the search to anything you are looking for, such as the customer’s name or a particular issue title. Issues and Users that match the search term entered will be shown in the list. Selecting a user will show a list of all of the issues where that user is the reporter or assignee.

You can find the issue you are currently viewing in Jira Service Desk suggested for you at the bottom of the search panel.

Assign the Current Call to an Issue

Assigning a call to an issue lets you log call activity directly to an issue. Select an issue in the ContactNow phone to highlight it and then click Select to assign.

Reassign the Current Call to Another Issue

If a call needs to be reassigned to a different issue, you can swap the assignment of the current call. Click on the search icon to return to the search results list and select the new ticket. Click Re-select at the bottom of the phone to swap the call assignment to that issue.

Alternatively, you can look for the issue in Jira Service Desk and select it as the suggested issue at the bottom of the search result.

Comments Posted to Issues

When a call is assigned to an issue, ContactNow writes internal comments to the issue. The first note is written when the call is assigned to the issue and includes the customer’s CLI, the agent who took the call, and the time it started.

At the end of a call a second note is written to the issue that includes extra information such as the outcome selected by the agent, the call duration, and a link to the call recording.

If a call is reassigned to a different issue, a note is added to each issue. These notes include a brief summary of the call and a link to the other issue so that you can quickly navigate between the two.

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