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Getting Started with ContactNow for Jira Service Desk

To get started with Jira Service Desk, log into your Jira Service Desk account and go to any existing issue and look for the ContactNow panel. Learn more here.

Log In to Jira Service Desk

Start by logging in to your Jira Service Desk account. Then navigate to any of your existing issues and look for the ContactNow panel on the right of the screen.

Log In to ContactNow

Enter your contact center name, username and password, and click Login. The phone will appear and present the connection options available to you.

Connect to the Dialer

There are several ways that you can connect to the dialer. Select one of the connection options from the list and click Connect. Follow the instructions displayed to establish your connection.

Make or Receive a Call

Once you’ve established a dialer connection your status will be shown at the top of the phone. To make a manual call you’ll need to be in Idle. You can use the keypad to enter a number or browse a list of contacts, upcoming scheduled calls, and voicemails. Phone numbers that ContactNow detects on the issue you’re currently viewing will be shown in the phone for you to quickly select.

To take a call change your status to Available. You’ll see the Awaiting call screen until you are connected to a customer.


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