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Set Up ContactNow for Jira Service Desk

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The ContactNow for Jira Service Desk integration allows users of Jira to log in to the ContactNow dialer service in the Jira interface, allowing them to make or receive phone calls through the ContactNow service.

At the end of each call, the integration can store basic call information into a selected Jira service ticket.


To use ContactNow for Jira Service Desk, you need a ContactNow account. ContactNow services are available only to specific versions of 8x8 X-series accounts.

If you don't already have access to ContactNow, contact your 8x8 Sales representative for details.

If you already have a ContactNow account, continue with the installation instructions, below.


Important note: The most recent version of this application is designed for Jira Cloud and Jira Server 7.3.0 - 7.13.5.

Currently there are no plans to update the application to be compatible with version 8, and the application may not appear as available for installation when using version 8 accounts.

Install ContactNow for Jira Service Desk

Installation of the integration is simple.

  1. Log into Jira with credentials that allow installation of Atlassian Marketplace apps.
  2. Click on the Settings (gear) icon.
  3. Under Jira Settings, click on Apps.
  4. In Jira Marketplace apps, search for 8x8.
    • Or click on here to go directly to the marketplace page.
  5. Click on 8x8 ContactNow for Jira Service Desk.


  1. Click Get App.


  1. In the Add to Jira window, click Get it now.


  1. Once the installation is complete, your agents can access the 8x8 ContactNow dialer (phone) by clicking on the 8x8 ContactNow Phone entry on any ticket page.


  1. Users must then log in to the dialer. Follow the instructions in the article linked below for login and usage instructions:


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