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Installing the Salesforce Dialer Integration in ContactNow

Install the 8x8 ContactNow Salesforce integration to allow Salesforce users to access the ContactNow dialer within Salesforce. Learn more from the guide here.

This guide will show you how to install the 8x8 ContactNow Salesforce integration, which will allow your Salesforce users to access the ContactNow dialer within Salesforce. You'll also find brief instructions on using the dialer, below.


Salesforce requires an edition level of Professional or higher for the import and configuration of Call Centers, which is a critical and required feature of the 8x8 ContactNow Salesforce Integration. The Salesforce Group edition is therefore not supported.


Note: For instructions on configuring Salesforce Lightning to display the ContactNow dialer, first follow this installation guide. Then proceed to the following guide: ContactNow: Configuring the ContactNow Dialer for Salesforce Lightning

Import the 8x8 ContactNow Call Center for Salesforce

  1. Download the Salesforce call center XML file.
  2. Log in to Salesforce and click Setup in the upper right corner.
  3. In the search field on the top-left side, search for Call Centers.
  4. Click Call Centers (plural).
  5. Click Import.
  6. Click Browse.
  7. Select the XML call center file you downloaded, and complete the import process. A new call center will appear for 8x8 ContactNow.

Add Users to the 8x8 ContactNow Call Center

Now you need to move or add Salesforce users to the 8x8 ContactNow Call Center.


Note: If users are already allocated to another call center, you must first remove them from that call center. Salesforce allows the use of only one call center at a time for any Salesforce user.

  1. From All Call Centers, click the 8x8 ContactNow name (do not click Edit).
  2. Scroll down and click Manage Call Center Users.
  3. Click Add More Users.
  4. Apply any filters you need, or click Find without filters to see a list of all available users.
  5. Select the users you wish to add, and click Add to Call Center.
  6. Any user added to the call center can now click the Home tab to see the 8x8 ContactNow dialer.

Using the ContactNow phone in Salesforce 

To begin using the ContactNow dialer in Salesforce:

  1. Click the Salesforce Home tab and log in to the dialer service using credentials provided by your administrator.
  2. Log in to the ContactNow phone. Select the phone type available to you.
  3. Click Connect to see connection and login information.
  4. Connect using your non-ContactNow phone service and log in using your Agent ID and Passcode.
  5. Once you are logged in, the status of the ContactNow phone will depend on choices made by your ContactNow admin.

Making, Receiving, and Dispositioning Calls

When a phone call is made or received, the dialer currently will not automatically recognize numbers that are in 11-digit US format. Salesforce formatting for US numbers forces a 10-digit format when Contacts are created, so:

  1. During a call, delete any leading 1 from the phone number for Search to discover associated Leads or Contacts.
  2. All discovered objects such as Leads or Contacts will be displayed in the dialer. Note that the search field also accepts text, so you can search for names if needed.
  3. Select one item to highlight the Assign button.
  4. Click Assign for the desired object.
  5. Alternately, you can click Preview, which will pop a page for the selected object, but will not assign it to the call.
  6. If you’ve clicked Preview, click Assign once you’ve located the desired object.
  7. When a discovered object is assigned, Salesforce will pop a new tab to the object’s location, and will add the object Name to the dialer display.
  8. When the call ends, select an outcome, and click Disposition if needed.
  9. A call record will appear in the Activity History of the assigned object.
  10. Click the Subject header link to open the call record, if needed.
  11. A typical call record will include only the info shown below.
  12. If call recording is activated on the service, a link to the recording will appear. This link can be clicked on to download the recording. 

    Note: The ContactNow user must be logged in to download the recording.


This is the extent of the capabilities of the ContactNow dialer within Salesforce. It will not store any other information. All other changes made to the call record must be done manually by the agent using Salesforce, as required.


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