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8x8 Support

ContactNow: v2.75.18

Release Date: 19/04/2018


  • Max record age now runs every night. Records that have been live for longer than the number of days set will be completed each night.
  • Campaign ID and Campaign Member ID can be mapped to Salesforce Task fields in the ContactNow CTI integration.
  • Set the status of a new Salesforce Task created by the ContactNow CTI integration.

Please make sure you enter the status name correctly as Salesforce will create a new status with the value you’ve entered if it does not exist.

  • The whisper message of an Inbound queue will now be played to customers when an outbound EasyCallBack call is made to a customer. If your Inbound queue already has a whisper message configured it will start playing to agents automatically.


  • We have removed the ability to add a welcome message to Outbound queues so that outbound calls meet Ofcom regulations.
  • Resolved an issue where calls would have the outcome chosen by an agent overwritten.
  • Fixed broadcast dialling for recently created broadcast queues.
  • Resolved intermittent timezone issues for Windows users.
  • Restricted the creation of custom fields with names that conflict with system fields. which caused importing customer data.
  • Fixed PBX routing so that customers are not redirected to voicemail if the agent disconnects before the customer.
  • Solved an issue where calls dispositioned as Answer Machine were not using the Answer Machine retry time of the queue.

Please note: If the queue is in sequential mode the default retry time of the queue will be used. This is because we cannot determine the retry time for multiple calls to the same customer.


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