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ContactNow: v2.75.48

Release Date: 31/07/2018


  • New design for the statistics shown on the Dataset Management page

The information displayed about a Dataset’s status has been redesigned to give more accurate statistics. The status of each record will now be reflected so that the availability and penetration of the dataset will be shown. When live, data is split into available now and available later to indicate how many records have call back times in the future.

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  • Custom Idle state colours

Set the colour of a custom Idle state to make them easier to recognise. Chose from the available colours to categorise your custom Idle states or highlight particular states. By default all custom Idle states are orange. Once changed, Agents will see the colours in the Status controller making status selection easier. Supervisors will see the correct colour on the Status page giving them the ability to see which statuses their agents are in at a glance.

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Other updates

  • Customer record notes now support more special characters.
  • The Agent statistics page (opened from the Status page) now displays how long the agent spent in each of your contact centre’s custom Idle states.
  • Ability to set the status of a Task created by the Salesforce CTI integration.


  • Resolved an issue with auto-selecting customer records.
  • Restored the ability to import callback notes with the new data importer.
  • Improved the reliability of EasyCallBack to prevent callbacks not being dialled.
  • Fixed an issue where callbacks would use the default retry time instead of the value set by agents.
  • Resolved an issue where a call’s outcome could be overwritten.
  • Restored the ability to download all historic call recordings with the Call Recording Bulk Downloader according to your contact centre’s storage period.
  • More accurate ring time displayed on the status screen.
  • Improved performance for the export tool for campaigns with a high number of datasets.

Internal Notes

The information below is for internal use only. Do not share or distribute.

New reporting release

From this release onwards, new customers on ContactNow (237) will see a revised landing page for Reporting that gives them in essence, access to Analytics, the new reporting system, only. There is a new heading "Live" that contains a few legacy reports that have been carried over as they are effectively live information, and they were not recreated in the reporting project.

Existing customers will still have access to the old reports. Existing customers who have had new reporting added before this release will still see both old and new options.

Migration to Analytics will be done in three stages:

  1. Enable Analytics for new customer sign ups (This release).
  2. Enable Analytics for existing customers. They will be able to run both in parallel.
  3. Disable old reports for existing customers. They will see the same as new customers.
  • Stage 1 will be part of this release (v2.75.23) which is scheduled for the evening of Tuesday 5th June. New accounts created from Friday 9th June onwards will see Analytics only.
  • Stage 2 will happen on a date in the near future. Communication will be arranged via email and an on-screen message.
  • Stage 3 will be arranged at a later date.

We are able to enable Analytics for individual customers upon request. If there is enough demand we can arrange a date of stage 2 to enable Analytics for all customers.


  • Introduced a quick way to edit the sales person of a contact centre from the Contact Centre list.
  • Financial report fixes.


  • Injixo fix for Waterplus.
  • New Tpoint reseller created - IPS.
  • Tpoint frontend config.


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