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ContactNow: Transfer Option is Not Available
8x8 Support

ContactNow: Transfer Option is Not Available


An agent receives a call from an inbound call queue and cannot transfer that call because the Transfer button is faded.


Applies To

Any ContactNow user who is logged in to the service and acting as an agent.


Third Party Transfer (TPT) will not work if:

  1. Third Party Transfer (TPT) is disabled for all agents.
  2. The agent experiencing the issue has not been assigned to an outbound call queue.


Two criteria must be met for Third Party Transfer (TPT) to work for an agent:

  1. In Configuration > System setup > Global Agent Options, set TPT Dial to Yes, check the appropriate profile type (Admin, Agent, Supervisor), and then Save. All agents requiring this feature must then completely log out of ContactNow for the change to take effect.


  1. Each individual agent experiencing the problem must also be assigned to an outbound call queue in addition to any inbound queue(s) they are already assigned to.
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