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ContactNow: Set a Scheduled Call

Scheduled Call is used to contact a customer back at a specific date and time. The agent can choose to make it personal to themselves or place it in the general callback pool. If the callback is placed in the general pool it will be given to any available agent at the set time.

A scheduled callback can only be set against a customer record. Calls made manually without a Customer Record are unable to have a schedule callback set against them.

To view your Schedule Calls list, navigate to the Calls tab from Agent page. The Scheduled Calls list shows upcoming personal call backs only, organized in ascending date order. General pool callbacks are not visible to agents. An agent can choose to call a customer earlier than the set time by selecting an entry in the list and clicking the phone icon that appears. The number will be placed into the Phone and the agent will need to click Dial to complete the operation.

Set a Scheduled call

There are two ways to set a Scheduled call. One way is through the Phone itself and the other is after a call has been dispositioned. Both methods are shown below.

Dialer Method

A Scheduled call can be selected when either party has hung up by selecting an Outcome that requires a Scheduled call to be set. Outcomes with this requirement have a Schedule call icon on the right.


When a schedule call outcome has been selected, the Schedule Call panel appears in the Phone. From here, the agent will set the date and time, choose whether to make it a Personal Callback or choose to place it in the general call back pool. The agent can also choose to schedule repeated calls per desired interval.

Once satisfied, Click the red Disposition button at the bottom of the Phone.

Post Call Method

Clicking a customer record in the Recent Calls tab reveals the Schedule call icon, clicking the icon will present you with a window, from here you can set the date and time and choose whether to make it a Personal Callback.


Once satisfied, click Save.

Leaving the Personal Callback option un-ticked will place the callback in the general pool.


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