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ContactNow: Tag a Call
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ContactNow: Tag a Call

Call Tagging

The Tag feature offers another aspect of agent call logging, in addition to required Outcome codes.

When Tags are enabled, agents can "tag" their calls by selecting one or more tags created by the administrator. This can be useful to categorize calls and filter them in the Tags Report, and also in Analytics > Record Search > Calls.


Administrators can enable and disable tags, and also make them optional or mandatory in Configuration > System setup > Global Agent Options.

How it Works

While on a call or in disposition phase after a call has ended, the agent can click on the "tag" icon and select one or more tags created by their administrator.

They would then click on the "check mark" icon, select a disposition code, and click Disposition to complete the call.

CN_Disposition_Outcomes.jpg   CN_Disposition_Tags.jpg

Note: The Default tag is a system place-holder which cannot be disabled, hidden, or removed.

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