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Disposition a Call Set of Outcomes in ContactNow

An outcome without the lightning bolt will require you to click Disposition. Learn more about dispositioning a call from the guide given here.

Call outcomes are required when a call is completed. Not only are they needed to complete the call, but they are vital to the reporting features of the system.

To end a call click Hangup. This will put you into Disposition status and the phone will display a list of Tags (if enabled) or Outcomes. If the customer ends the call or the connection is lost, you will be switched to Disposition status automatically.

If tags are configured as mandatory, at least one tag must be chosen before selecting an outcome. Read how to Manage Tags.


Select an Outcome from the list or choose from your Favorites.

If an outcome had a lightning bolt next to it then it is a Quick Outcome. Clicking it will cause the call to disposition immediately. Any outcome without the lightning bolt will require you to click Disposition.

Available After Call enables agents to set their status after dispositioning a call. When enabled, the setting will place the agent as Available, ready to take another call, otherwise the agent will go into Idle.To change the behavior of the Available after call toggle, see Force Agent Available and Idle Timer.

Scheduled Callback

This is a unique outcome that shows a calendar on the interface where you can set a date and time for the callback, as well as other options.


Outcomes can be organized into groups to make it easy for agents to be able to find and select the right outcome for their calls.

Groups of outcomes are displayed with an arrow on their left, which can be clicked to expand the group and see the outcomes in it.

When the correct outcome is selected, the call will be ended and dispositioned. This will not affect any existing data. Current headings and outcome groupings will not be deleted or altered. The phone will then reset and you will return to the Calls tab.


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