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Transfer a Call in ContactNow

To transfer a call to a third party, click the Transfer button on the Phone while on-call. Learn more about call transfers here.

Clicking the Transfer button on the Phone while on-call will enable agents to transfer the call to a third party, leaving the agent to disposition their part of the call. This feature is called Third Party Transfer (TPT).

This is useful when a customer requests to speak to a specific agent, in which case you can transfer the call and disposition your segment of the call. The third party call will continue even once the agent has dropped out and dispositioned their part of the call.

When on a call, you can transfer by clicking the Transfer icon on the phone to open the transfer panel.


Enter a number using either the number pad on the phone, selecting a contact, or choosing a queue. If an agent assigned to the queue is currently available, the icon on the right will be green. If the icon next to the queue is red, it means that nobody is available on the queue. You can also select from your list of favorite queues and contacts. Your favorites can be configured on the Settings tab.

When you are ready to transfer the call, click Dial. The dialer will then ring the third party.


When the call is answered, the phone will display the transfer actions.

When you transfer a call, you can enable the Forward CLI or Cold Transfer options by switching the on/off toggle.

  • Forward CLI: Forwards the customer's CLI to the person receiving the transfer.
  • Cold Transfer: Automatically connects the caller to the third party; agent is disconnected without speaking to third party. If the other party doesn't pick up then the call is dropped.

To pass the call to the third party, click Transfer. You will be removed from the call and you will need to disposition the call.

Other Options Related to Call Transfer

  • You can put either party on hold by clicking the appropriate Hold icon.
  • Clicking Create conference will merge the two calls together. You can leave the conference at any time by clicking Leave conference.
  • Click Hangup transfer to disconnect the third party and return to the original call.

Third Party Transfer (TPT) and Cold Transfer can be enabled or disabled for your agents on the Configure global agent options tab under System setup.


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