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Connect to the Dialer with Agent on Demand in ContactNow

To begin using Agent On Demand, on the dialer screen click On Demand then click Connect to obtain connection information. Learn more from the steps listed here.


Agent on Demand allows an agent to log in to ContactNow to receive inbound queue calls without tying up a phone line in the interim.


The Agent on Demand feature disables automated outbound dialing from datasets uploaded in the system. so Predictive, Progressive, and Preview mode calls are not available to agents while they are logged in through AOD. Manually-dialed outbound calls can be made, however.

Note that Agent On Demand also cannot be used to monitor agent calls.


Agent On Demand doesn't work in quite the same way as the standard login.

Once agents are successfully logged in using Agent On Demand, the login call will hang up. The administrator's Status page will display the agent as logged in, even though their phone is not currently connected to the ContactNow service.

The ContactNow system will then call that phone when an inbound queue call is received, or when an outbound call is manually dialed through the ContactNow dialer.

Log In

To begin using Agent On Demand:

  1. On the dialer screen click On Demand then click Connect. This is only to obtain connection information.
  2. On a phone, dial the On Demand login phone number provided on screen. For the US service this is (669) 245-4253.
  3. Enter the Agent Number followed by the # key.
  4. Enter the Passcode followed by the # key.

On successful login, the agent will hear "Agent Logged In" and will be placed in Idle or Available status, depending on the service administrator's configuration.

The login phone call will then be automatically disconnected.

AOD_Connect.jpg  AOD_Dial_Agent_Number.jpg

Answering Calls

The logged-in phone will ring when inbound queue calls are received, or when manually-dialed outbound calls are made from the ContactNow dialer.

The ContactNow dialer will also display the Ringing Agent / AOD Ringing notification.

In both cases, the agent must answer their phone to connect the call.


Ending Agent On Demand Calls

To end an AOD inbound or outbound call, simply click Hang up in the ContactNow dialer, or disconnect the call from the logged-in phone.

The phone call will be terminated, and the agent's ContactNow dialer will return the agent to Idle or Available status, depending on the administrator's configuration.


Logging Out of AOD

Until the agent logs out of Agent On Demand, calls can still be routed to them or they will appear as logged in on the admin's Status page.

To log out of the Agent On Demand service:

  • The agent simply needs to click on the dialer status bar and select Disconnect.


  • The service administrator can also manually log the agent out of AOD, if needed.
  1. in the ContactNow administrative interface, navigate to the Status page.
  2. Click on the name of the logged-in agent.


  1. Click on the Actions menu, then click on Force Logout.
  2. Click OK when prompted, to complete the agent logout.


Notes for Administrators

Agents can experience issues logging in to the Agent On Demand service, depending on the administrator's configuration of their inbound call queues, and their agents.

Here are related articles, with configuration steps to avoid these issues:


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