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View Call History in ContactNow

To view the Call History navigate to the Queue tab in the Agent page and click on History, then click on Load Call History. Learn more here.

The Call History lists a breakdown of how many times a number has been contacted and the outcome of each call.

While on a call, the Call History for the number being called is displayed on the On Call tab, showing all calls made to the number across the campaign.

While not on call, to view the Call History navigate to the Queue tab in the Agent page and click on History, then click on Load Call History.


The Call History screen will appear as shown below.


  • Agent: The agent which who made/received the call.
  • Date/Time: The date/time which the call took place.
  • Type: The queue type shows whether the call was the result of an outbound or inbound call.
  • DID: The caller ID of the customer being called.
  • Duration: The time duration of the call.
  • Outcome/Message: The outcome selected when the call was dispositioned.


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