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ContactNow: Configure Agent Voicemail


This article aims to explain how to effectively setup queue redirection to voicemail which can then be listened to by agents when logged in.

Overflowing or redirecting inbound calls to voicemail is a great way for agents to listen to the messages left by your callers, however, using the wrong settings can mean that agents can waste time listening to the inbound hold music.

By default, all calls to an Inbound queue will play Music on Hold while the dialer performs a check for available agents. If the queue is configured to overflow into Voicemail the message left by the call will include the hold music. To prevent the hold music we create another inbound queue with the sole purpose of directing all calls to voicemail. The new inbound queue must be assigned to a list of agents if they are to access the voicemail.

Applies To

ContactNow Agents Voicemail


Step One: Create an inbound Voicemail Queue

  1. Create a new Inbound Queue with description "Voicemails", making sure we have a DDI after creation.
  2. On the Settings tab, under the Redirect section, select:
    • Redirect Switch: In Office
    • In Office: Voicemail.
    • Max Wait: enter 1. This will force all calls straight to voicemail after one second. Setting it to "0" will queue the call indefinitely. 
  3. Assign agents to the queue.
  4. Click Update to save your settings.

Step Two: Edit your main inbound queue

  1. On the Settings tab, under the Redirect section, click In Office.
  2. Click Number to activate the option and display new input fields.
  3. Enter the phone number for your "Voicemail" queue as described above in Step One.
  4. For Max Wait, enter your preferred maximum wait time in seconds before redirecting. Do not set it to 0! 
  5. Assign agents to the queue.
  6. Click Update to save your settings.

Additional Information

Using this method will create two extra calls which can been seen on the calls report.


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