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ContactNow: Listen To Your Voicemails

Voicemails that have been left on an inbound or personal queue can be played from the Voicemail list on the Calls tab. Clicking the Play icon will playback the voicemail and clicking again will stop it.


Download & Archive Voicemails

If the agent clicks on the telephone number in the voicemail list, they will be presented with two options:


  • Download - To download the voicemail, click the left icon shown above. The file will be downloaded in .wav format.
  • Archive - The archive icon, to the right of the download icon, will hide the voicemail from the agents screen.

When the archive icon is clicked, the agent will be presented with a confirmation message at the top of the screen. Click OK to confirm.

Voicemail not playing? An agent will need to be logged in with Soft Phone or Desk Phone to hear or download voicemails.


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