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ContactNow: Send an SMS to a Customer

The SMS tab on a customer record shows an overview of all of the SMS messages that have been sent to the customer. It includes the option to compose a new one by free typing a message or selecting a template. By default, the new composer will pick the mobile number of the customer (if available) and the default queue. Both can be changed by choosing from the drop-down menu.

Below you can type a message or select a template to insert a template message from the list. Once chosen, the template text is shown in the text box. If you change back to None the message becomes editable, allowing you to customise the message. The ability to send free type messages will depend on the permissions set by your administrator.


Alternatively, you can send an SMS to a customer after the call has ended by clicking the telephone number in the Recent calls list on the Agent page then clicking the SMS icon shown below. You are able to free type a message or choose from any templates that have been setup. Once finished, click Send.


It is also possible to personalize the SMS message by using placeholders. These placeholders are the same as those used in the agent script.


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