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Set Up Your Out of Office Hours in ContactNow

To enable Out of Office for your agent go to System Setup from the main Configuration page and turn Personal Queue Allocation to "Yes". Learn more here.

If agents have personal queues assigned to them, they can mark themselves as Out of Office. When Out of Office is enabled for an agent, all the inbound calls directed to the agent's personal queues will be re-directed to a voicemail, or another queue or a specific number. This will only take effect once the agent has logged out. This feature is useful, for example, when an agent is on leave.

To enable Out of Office for your agent go to System Setup from the main Configuration page. Go to the Agent Features tab and turn Personal Queue Allocation to "Yes." Once selected Show Redirect/Voicemail will appear just below, and once again hit "Yes."

Next select the Settings tab from the Agent page and switch the Out of Office toggle to on.

Then choose an option:

  • Voicemail: Choose this option to redirect all your calls to your agent's voicemail;
  • Queue: Choose the queue you want to redirect your inbound calls to;
  • Number: Enter the telephone number you wish to route your calls to.


Once you have selected the option you wish to use, a message will be displayed to inform you that your changes were successfully saved. Logout for your settings to take effect. When you are back in the office, remember to turn your Out of Office toggle off to start receiving calls again.


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