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Search for a Customer Record in ContactNow

Any time while you're On Call or in the Disposition statuses, you can search for a Customer Record to assign to the call. Learn more from the list of steps here.

While on a call, you will be able to search for a Customer Record to assign to the call. This can be done at any time while you are On Call or in the Disposition statuses. If a customer record has already been assigned to the call, for example the call was made by the dialer, you can replace it with the correct record using the search.

First, navigate to the Record Search tab. The list of search fields on the left can be used to filter the list of customers. The number from the current call is automatically added to the relevant search field.


When the correct customer has been found, click Open to open the customer record. If a customer record is already associated with the call, it will be replaced. From the Customer record you can edit customer information and add notes.  If you do not find an existing record, add new Customer Record.

Accidental Cloning

There have been issues in the past where agents finish a call and then search for a previous record to add on a forgotten note, etc. This is not supported and all that happens is the phone numbers are replaced on the old record. Please only search for records related to the call.


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