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Change Your Status in ContactNow

Agent status can be selected from the list of options in the Status controller made available by your administrator. Find the list of statuses displayed here.

Agent status can be selected from the list of available options in the Status controller. The Available or Idle options must be selected in order to make or receive calls, or to notify an Admin or Supervisor of time away from the phone.

Click the Status controller at the bottom-right of the Agent screen to display the different statuses made available by your administrator.


  • Available: This tells the service that the agent is ready to be connected to inbound and/or outbound calls from assigned call queues.
  • Idle: The agent will not receive automated outbound calls in this state, but can make manually-dialed outbound calls. Different Extended Idle states can be configured by the service admin for agent breaks, training, etc.
  • Extended Idle: These are custom Idle options set by the service administrator, and always appear with an orange dot beneath Available.
  • Dial: Shown while a phone number is being called, either manually or in a Dialing mode.
  • On call: Displayed while the agent is connected to an inbound or outbound call.
  • Disposition: After every call ends, you must choose an outcome, and tags if applicable.
  • Disconnected: This disconnects the dialer session from the ContactNow service. Select a reason and disconnect the dialer, if applicable.


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