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Search With The Switchboard in ContactNow

On the Switchboard tab, the search bar is automatically focused so you can start typing. The search bar works whether you are on a call or not. Learn more here.

On the Switchboard tab the search bar is automatically focused so you can start typing. The search bar works whether you are on a call or not but different actions are available.


Begin by typing the word you would like to search against. The system searches all of the fields so you can type names, numbers or any other information you know about a person to find them. After you have typed three characters the results will display. Keep typing and the results will update. At the end of each word pressing space will create a search term and move you onto the next word. More typing will add another term and each one can be removed individually to widen the search if no results are found.


Hovering over a result in the list highlights it and shows the actions available. You can also use keyboard shortcuts. Pressing up and down arrows will navigate through the list or back up to the search box.


You can Cold Transfer or Transfer the call to the contact. Clicking Cold Transfer will pass the call to the contact immediately. Clicking Transfer opens the transfer panel in the phone, enters the contact's phone number and dials them. The normal call transfer actions are available.


The contact might have a lock applied to their account preventing you from continuing. This means that you need to read the note attached to the contact before deciding to continue. If the note is long you will need to click read more before Stop becomes available. When you have decided to continue click Stop.


When employees have stopped working but their contact details remain in the system Removed will appear on the right. It works like a normal stop but it can be applied without a note. You cannot edit whether a contact has been marked as removed or not.


If you are not on a call you can call the contact. Clicking Call will enter the contact's phone number into the phone and start dialing. The call continues like a normal manual call.

You can add and edit notes or lock a contact whether or not you are on a call.

At the end of a call the search is cleared and is ready for you to start typing when the next one is answered. If configured to do so the call will be automatically dispositioned so that you can move on the to next call faster. This can be configured in Edit user settings for the Switchboard.


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