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ContactNow: Agent On Demand (AOD) Call Analysis Report
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ContactNow: Agent On Demand (AOD) Call Analysis Report

The AOD call analysis report will provide an analysis of the agents who are logged in via Agent on Demand.

To access the AOD call analysis report, hover over the Analytics icon in the Navigation and click on AOD call analysis.

Generate Table

You can generate a selected time period by changing the start and stop time, and you can generate a different time zone by changing the time zone filter box.

Click Generate once settings are finalized.

Report Table

The report table will appear once the menu has been generated, the following fields will be listed as shown below:

  • Agent name: The agent's name.
  • Total calls: The total number of calls.
  • Answered: The total number of answered calls.
  • No answer: The number of no answer calls.
  • Dead Line: The total number of dead lines.
  • Answered %: The percentage of all answered calls taken via AOD method.
  • No answer %: The percentage of the total calls which were not answered.
  • Dead Line %: The percentage of the total calls where were all dead lines.


See how to Export a report.

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