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Agent Time Recording Report in ContactNow

To access the Agent time recording report, hover over the Analytics icon in the Navigation bar and click Agent time recording. Learn more here.

The Agent time recording allows admins to monitor agent activity in a day such as agents are logged in time, logged out times and on breaks.

To access the Agent time recording report, hover over the Analytics icon in the Navigation bar and click Agent time recording.

Generate Table

As the screen below demonstrates you have the option to select a time range for the report. The current's day report is generated by default. You can narrow your search by selecting an individual agent by editing the Agent field or leave as default to include all agents in the report.

Click Generate once you are satisfied with the applied settings.


Report Tables

  • Online: Indicates the total time spent by agents in each status, as well as the average time spent in each status across all agents and the percent of the agents' time spent in each status.
  • Offline: Indicates the total number of hours of all agents or a total number of hours an individual agent have spent offline. In this instance offline means disconnected from the Softphone / Desk Phone yet still logged in on the interface.
  • Idle: Shows the total time all agents (or an individual, if filtered) have spent on breaks, and the specific Idle reason used.
  • Logins: Indicates the logins and logoffs for each agent. All logins during the selected time period will be displayed.

See how to Export a report.


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