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ContactNow: Broadcast Report
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ContactNow: Broadcast Report

The broadcast report shows an overview of all the calls made on a broadcast queue. This is also where you can determine how many calls have been connected to humans and how many calls has been connected to an answering machine.

To access the broadcast report, hover over the Analytics icon in the Navigation and click on broadcast.

Generate report

You can generate the start and stop time for the date range of broadcasts to be shown on the report. You have the option to select from the time interval, campaign, queue, and dataset.

Click on Generate to view the broadcast report once the settings have been altered as required.

Report table

Once you click Generate, the broadcast report will appear similar to the screenshot shown below.

  • Answered (Human): Number of calls answered by a human agent.
  • Answered (Machine): Number of calls answered by the system.
  • Dead Lines: Number of calls that ended up in dead line.
  • Dead Shorts: Number of calls that ended in dead line immediately.
  • Transfer Connected: Number of calls that were transferred to an agent.
  • Transfer Short: Transfer calls that failed with Dead Short.
  • Transfer Duration: Total time spent on transfer calls.
  • Transfers %: Percent of total calls that were transferred to an agent.
  • Cost Per Transfer: Cost to make all transfers excluding VAT.
  • Dialing Costs: Cost to make calls excluding VAT.



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